Common Events for Limo Services

Birthday Parties

Or, really, any party will do! Imagine the extravagant accommodation that a limousine could provide to your next big birthday bash. Or, think about the possibilities when you get your best friends together for your next night out on the town. You will never again want to resort to the old Designated Driver system which singles out some selected, unlucky people to be excluded from the fun of the evening.


The quintessential event which is almost always correlated to limousine services. Limo service for weddings just makes sense. As they remove some stress involved with the wedding day itself. Make travel during your wedding part of the fun, instead of an added stress agitator!

Bachelor Parties

Like any party these days, you can count bachelor parties as one of the prime examples where you'd want everyone involved to be able to celebrate to the fullest extent possible. Allow this to happen by arranging limousine or limo bus transport. You'll love the fact that the celebration begins the moment you get picked up!

Bachelorette Parties

With occurances in life that generally get considered "once in a lifetime", we think bachelorette parties (and the corresponding weddings) should be regarded in this fashion. In that light, it is important to make these defining moments in life as memorable as possible. If you arrange for extravagant transportation, you're going to really increase the likelyhood that the extra time spent with your closest friend on this day will be forever burned into her memory as a "greatest time of her life" type experience!

Concerts & Festivals

The concert and festival experience is almost always tainted with traffic headaches and car lost in parking lot nightmares. Make your biggest event of the year a completely joyful experience by allowing these two asterisks to your experience, disappear. Let a professional chauffeur handle all the hassle of logistics while you and your friends do nothing but enjoy the experience!

Sporting Events & Tailgating Parties

Much like concert and festival goers, sports fans have to deal with the turmoil of terrible traffic and parking scenarios that sometimes leave you lost and scratching your head at the end of the game. A limousine or limo bus rental can ease this concern, and give an added bonus... If you are planning on throwing a tailgate party, there is no cooler companion to a tailgate party than a decked out limousine or party bus!

Sports Teams Trips

What better way to celebrate the end of a great season than getting together with teammates and partying it up on a limousine or limo bus? We can't really think of anything else either. Celebrate all the way to your banquet instead of having to worry about having too much fun.